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Knowledge Builds Relationships and Empowers Aboriginal Communities

Scientific Knowledge
Maaj Consulting Group primary role is to design, conduct and analyze qualitative and quantitative research.
We have worked with complex and lengthy projects for large clients as well as short duration initiatives for smaller clients.
Maaj uses the latest innovations in technology and analysis to insure that their projects achieve a high level of clarity, accuracy and authenticity.
We also adjust the design or scale of our work to best suit the characteristics of a given project with a view to achieving the most realistic outcomes. Maaj’s consulting success is founded on a solid base of satisfied clients willing to provide referrals as to our professionalism, work ethic and adaptability.
Maaj provides a skilled team, already empathic and aligned with aboriginal goals, that can augment an organizations existing expertise. Insofar as we can be used on a limited, targeted basis it allows users to benefit from the skills of large, professional group without the cost of developing and retaining in-house capacity.
Maaj Consulting is sensitive to the unique experience of Aboriginal Communities. We are experienced consultants who have worked with all levels of government and large corporations. We have experience working with, and in, Aboriginal communities, as well as with smaller organizations.
Maaj is the name given to Dr. Rosalin Miles by her Grandmother Beatrice Rose Hanna. In our native language, Nle?kepmxc’in, Maaj translates as ‘the first light of day’ or in this context ‘one who brings light by revealing herself’. This traditional name reflects the valuable work of our group to make things known and reveal truth.
The Maaj Consulting Group is proudly located on traditional Musqueam territory with its founder and owner Dr. Rosalin Miles of the Lytton First Nation. All of Maaj Consulting Group’s consultants have worked first hand with Aboriginal communities both on and off reserve in organizations where they work to address and overcome the historical impacts and current challenges for our people.
We strive to hire Aboriginal people along with specialists who have a vast experience and knowledge in working with Aboriginal people. Our work spans from local to international projects, whether its travelling by boat to rural First Nations communities workshops, or organizing International events at the United Nations Indigenous forum .
scientific knowledge