Community Building


Community Engagement
Maaj Consulting Group believes in building relationships between organizations and Aboriginal communities that are transparent, accountable, mutually beneficial.  The relationship must be built on integrity and independence through the use of clear communication, to achieve shared understanding, realizing the organizational goals, and serving the community’s interests.  Maaj believes in relationships that aim for genuine engagement sustained with trust.
Is a culturally active organization that is scientifically and  technologically grounded. We build relationships to make a positive difference for the Aboriginal community.
Maaj Consulting Group understands that community engagement and collaboration are essential for relationship building towards shared benefits, whether the community is local and rural, or international.  Beginning with personal outreach, moving through engagement and then to empowerment Maaj recognizes the grass roots, tradition based role of leadership.  Community engagement, in its highest form, creates better communication and shared knowledge, that provides problem solving opportunities for its members. Maaj Consulting Group develops the structure, facilitates the conversation and captures the key dialogue in its thematic and highly accessible reporting style. 
Relationship Building