Process Evaluations
Maaj Consulting Group performs a variety of evaluations
Post Implementation
During Implementation Phase
Maaj Consulting provides evaluations that allow their clients to accurately measure the success of their projects, programs and initiatives in meeting their stated goals. This key service gives policy makers, funding agencies and other stakeholders the data they need to make defensible, informed decisions. Quantitative and technical in nature, these evaluations take community based initiatives beyond conjecture such that decisions can be based in reality rather than opinion or theory.  Evaluations are scaled to reflect the relative complexity and duration of a given initiative.
Outcome evaluations are a type of program/project analysis that assesses the degree and quality of change to the client group resulting from the implementation of a given project or program.  These can be scaled and/or simplified depending on the resources available for their execution.  Where there are limited resources a ‘pre and post comparison’ evaluation is effective.  The only limitations for this methodology is that it cannot address the efficacy of competing explanations or the relative effectiveness of alternative programs.  However the ‘pre and post’ evaluation can determine if objectives are being met and which client demographic receives the most benefit from a given initiative.
Surveys & Interviews Options
Process evaluations are a type of program/project analysis executed during a project that focuses on two key factors:
Have the work plan objectives of the program/project been implemented?Are these planned objectives meeting the client group needs they were intended to address?
Project interviews that rely on a small sample size can use ‘convenience sampling’ drawn from an immediately accessible population.
Stakeholder interviews organized by project managers face the challenges of both identifying and engaging the sampled population so that final evaluative data can be compiled. Project/program gatherings or in-person interviews offer the highest chance of successful data collection.
Outcome Evaluations